Book Launch: “Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms”

What started as a (very long) blog post, then a five-part blog post, then hit a point where I said “OK, I am just going to do this right and invite two medical expert friends to help”… became this book that is now live on Amazon.

It’s been a fun and enlightening journey to write a book, and I don’t think it will be the last one I write, but this short guidebook is a good place to start if you have ever what nature gives us beyond coffee and tea for energy, cognition, and balance.

It’s no Great Gatsby, but it has become an Amazon Best-Seller, and my co-authors, Dr. Dan Engle and Katherine Haynes, are two of the most knowledgeable people in this domain. They helped immensely in compiling the various compounds, herbs, roots, and fungi as well as the hundreds of scientific studies cited.

The biggest feedback we got from our publishers was “Can you make it longer?” — Luckily, they listened when we said it was as long as it needed to be. It’s meant to be right at the intersection of concise and comprehensive, and I’m really glad we all decided to do it right (we’re even planning the second version already).

This book admittedly has nothing to do with startups, but it does have everything to do with productivity and creative flow.

You can download the first two chapters for free here: beyondcoffeebook.com

And you can purchase it on Amazon here: geni.us/beyondcoffee


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