Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, By Tom Killion

I’m James J Beshara, a product designer and entrepreneur (originally from Texas) living in San Francisco, California with my wife, our daughter, and our dog Wendell.

Since my first paying job at 14 repairing computers, I’ve worked in and around technology, followed by working in the development and non-profit world (after studying development economics), and then back in tech with my own startups.

I’ve started companies (Dvelo and Tilt; acquired by Airbnb), invested in others (Gusto, Halo Top, Third Love), and advised even more.

Inc, Forbes, and Time Magazine have included me in their “30 Under 30” lists, and over the years I have had the incredible opportunity to speak at places like Harvard, Stanford, Y Combinator, TechCrunch Disruption, SXSW, the World Bank, and others — all with audiences much smarter than myself.  Read my first post if you’d like to learn more about why I began writing essays here.

One last thing…  With friends, I’m known to accidentally adopt words as my own, when they ironically start out as poking fun at the people that use them seriously, especially here in California (examples would be “dope” “chill” or “stoked” or calling people by their non-God-given names like “his holy dankness”). I have found this fun and playful quirk happens to be an effective strategy for how to form points of view as well… start by adopting a seemingly foreign or absurd view (as opposed to digging your heals into your current ones), entertain that seemingly foreign or absurd view for a while — and then see if it fits better than the original view over time.

Hope you enjoy the content I write here, and feel free to connect with me on the numerous social networking sites out there.