Hi, I'm James J Beshara.

I’m an angel investor, founder, writer, podcaster, and general startup-helper in sunny California.

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Militaristic Journalism

What would the world look like if the police were paid per arrest they made? In other words, if they weren’t paid to keep the peace but paid to make arrests.  This practice of “paying per arrest” is rare in history, but its closest cousin called “arrest quotas” (where...

Tools To Love Your Work Each Day

Previously, I’ve covered the Vedantic philosophical viewpoint (the oldest philosophy we know of) on this blog as well as in my podcast. I even started a podcast last year (Yoga For Your Intellect) dedicated to a conversational approach to this system of thought. I have also written about the...

New Year, New Music

New working_man tracks are live on all music platforms this week. Each instrumental track is designed to induce beta brain waves, which is the best mental state for focus, clarity, and productivity (hence the name “working_man”). Enjoy! “Volume 2” on Spotify is here (and the ability to follow me...

When The Walls Close In

Three years of podcasting on optimizing founder and creator psychology, and this is the most important episode I have released to date. The last few months, especially the last few weeks, have been some of the most volatile for public markets in the last decade. I have just recorded...

I Have Seen The Future, And It’s Decentralized

Ok, that title is a bit hyperbolic, but it’s rare that I get this excited about a new product (BitClout, a decentralized social network, launched about three weeks ago). And look at how many of my blog posts are dedicated to new products… it’s rare, and my job is...

Eradicating Unhappiness

Is there a manual for living well? “Take a simple idea, and take it seriously.” —Charlie Munger Each morning, I sit in my chair in my bedroom listening to a lecture by a 83 year old philosopher, A. Parthasarathy, recorded in an ashram just outside of Mumbai, India. He...

“Asynchronous” Working In 2021

“…the mere consciousness of an engagement will sometimes worry a whole day.” — Charles Dickens Update (2022): This working style has been life-changing and is now my default mode of working. Inspired by a friend, Sahil Lavingia, and his stance over the last year to work “asynchronously” (aka, instead...

Below The Line Transcript: Episode #86 — Carl Jung — Heroes, Alchemy, and Connection

Below is the transcript of my interview with the historical giant and founder of analytical psychology, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. The episode is available below or can be found any podcast player or at belowthelinepod.com. Click “subscribe” if you want to check out more episodes of Below The Line...

Mental Wealth

TL;DR • When it comes to mental health, our society approaches it like we did with physical health 50 years ago. We only think about it when something goes wrong. • To the wider public, mental health is synonymous with mental illness. Our notion of physical health is, however,...

The Multi-Path Career

TL;DR * From executives to individual contributors, we all make one career bet at a time. * This is poor “portfolio theory” (to use a phrase from investing), meaning that this is not a balanced “portfolio” of diverse bets. It’s a career “portfolio” of extremely concentrated bets. * You...