Hi, I'm James J Beshara.

I’m an angel investor, founder, writer, podcaster, and general startup-helper in San Francisco.

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Below The Line Transcript: Episode #86 — Carl Jung — Heroes, Alchemy, and Connection

Below is the transcript of my interview with the historical giant and founder of analytical psychology, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. The episode is available below or can be found any podcast player or at belowthelinepod.com. Click “subscribe” if you want to check out more episodes of Below The Line...

Mental Wealth

TL;DR • When it comes to mental health, our society approaches it like we did with physical health 50 years ago. We only think about it when something goes wrong. • To the wider public, mental health is synonymous with mental illness. Our notion of physical health is, however,...

The Multi-Path Career

TL;DR * From executives to individual contributors, we all make one career bet at a time. * This is poor “portfolio theory” (to use a phrase from investing), meaning that this is not a balanced “portfolio” of diverse bets. It’s a career “portfolio” of extremely concentrated bets. * You...

Music: working_man (EP) — Volume 1 is out

Two months ago, I released the shoooooortest version of an album that a musician can release (7 actual songs, and then an intro and outro to make a 9-track album) that you’d call an “EP” (short for extended play). And in celebration of passing 50,000 streams on Spotify, it...

Book Launch: “Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms”

What started as a (very long) blog post, then a five-part blog post, then hit a point where I said “OK, I am just going to do this right and invite two medical expert friends to help”… became this book that is now live on Amazon. It’s been a...

Podcast Launch: Below The Line

On April 2nd, I launched a project I had been working on for the last several months. What started as an inner voice to research and write a book on a specific set of topics around the psychology of creators, founders, and leaders (and finding the optimal psychological approaches...

The Information Pathology

November 2018 When I write, my aim is to learn more about a subject, to start conversations, and to serve as a point of departure for further exploration (rather than a point of reference or conclusion). So please feel free to contribute to the exploration of this topic either...

“Mobs” vs “Crowds”

“If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.” –Benjamin Franklin What’s the difference between a “mob” and a “crowd”? It’s a subtle but important distinction — because each is known for almost completely antithetical outcomes. One is known for wisdom, in the sense of “the wisdom of...

Creating (Music Edition)

Years ago, I used to write songs on the piano and transfer them into Apple’s Logic Pro DAW via a midi-controller (piano-like instrument that plugs into my macbook). This past three day weekend, I knocked the rust off and got back into the hobby with a few songs. Check...

Free Wheeling…

I’ve got 25 minutes, and I’d like to try an experiment… Despite the backlog of ideas for posts, I’d like to just sit here, looking at a blank page and come up with something on the spot, primarily using the time I have for content (not editing), and then...