Why start one of these things? I’ve borrowed a few lines from the about section of this blog to answer this question…

Like you, I’m a “work-in-progress,” trying to figure out what I think about topics that interest me; typically at the intersection of technology, philosophy, and humanity. I remember learning once that Socrates didn’t write down or record his thoughts, because he knew he was susceptible to changing any given viewpoint the moment it was said aloud or expounded on by another — and in his constant exploration concerning various topics, his method of figuring out “truth” was to partake in dialogue (in Greek, meaning “to speak through”) in order to figure out his perspective. In other words, recording his perspectives before (or articulated during) dialogue would be like attending the rehearsal and missing the play. In other words, the point of “speaking through” a point of view, was to gain a truer point of view through the medium of dialogue, discourse, and further thought.

That’s what I hope to accomplish by writing down and sharing my viewpoints with friends or any casual readers here. To learn through dialogue. Therefore, and like much of my life, I actively hope to adapt, shift, or completely change my viewpoints expressed here.

The web is filled with “about” sections to abandoned personal blogs that only accompany one or two posts. So I also know that might happen here as well 🙂


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